Rota Vicentina is a non-profitable association, with the mission of keeping, developing and promoting the route itself. Along with this goal, come the secondary, positive, effects for the region. The maintenance of the tracks and signs during the way, a strong environmental concern, the will to get the local businesses and services following the same spirit, always looking forward to more and better. Always regarding the Vicentine Coast as it is, as we all appreciate it, truth, and original, unspoiled, so the ones who will come next can have the opportunity to feel and enjoy such a special place, one of the last original pieces of coast in Europe.

Along with this movement comes the growth of local features and services, always with the objective of providing quality support to whoever comes to visit our beautiful South-Western Coast. Spreading the message is the way to attract more visitors during all year round, imperative for growth and development of the local economy. Among Rota Vicentina’s associates, there’s a list of public and private entities, such as, city hall, federations, Nature and forest conservation institute, travel agencies (like Vicentina Travel - local provider of walking and cycling holidays), nature activities providers (like Aventuractiva - Adventure, Nature and Leisure Activities based in Vila Nova de Milfontes - www.aventuractiva.pt), accommodations, restaurant… together trying to enhance the quality of the experience of visiting and living the Vicentine coast.


Vicentina travel is a proudly member of Rota Vicentina Association.














Rota Vicentina has a total of 350Km of marked and charted tracks, from Santiago do Cacém, until S. Vicent’s Cape, Sagres. This tracks are divided between two main routes, the Historical way and the Fisherman’s trail, both inside the Alentejo’s South-West and Vicentine coast Natural Park.

The Historical way, goes by the inland of Alentejo’s coast, mainly by rural paths, passing by typical villages and small populations, it takes us through cultivated fields, mountains, valleys, “montado” fields, woods, rivers, lagoons… It is the biggest of both routes, and puts us in contact with locals, their traditions and history.

The Fisherman’s trail, keeps whoever explores it in close contact with the sea, a single track with challenging parts of soft sandy soil, always by the coast with a big load of stunning, breath-taking landscapes. A route that will take you through tracks used by locals and fishermen. Passing by typical and cosy small populations, in order to restore energies for the next day, and having some gastronomic and personal experiences to remember.





FOR 2021


1.º Season - From 18 January to 2 July

2.º Season - from 13 September to 17 December


- In July and August we don´t sell it once it´s just too hot to cycle this area.

- Other dates on request.




- Client is free to choose a starting date for all hiking and biking tour programs.

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