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Barnacles ! - Vicentina Travel Experiences

During Vicentina Travel independent and guided walking and cycling holidays, our guest will have plenty of chances to have a taste on Barnacles!

Barnacles can be found in bunches stuck to rocks close from the coast, it’s a much appreciated sea food delicacy, specially, at the Iberian Peninsula. Barnacles have two distinguished body parts. The nail, containing the body, to protect from predators and dehydration (during the low tide). And peduncle, containing reproductive organs and adhesive gland (produces the substance that allows it to attach to rocks). A great snack to be had with beer, white or green wine, after a quick boiling process. It is an expensive sea food, mostly, because it’s dangerous and hard-working to get.

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#Luggage transfer each walking or cycling day # 7 nights B & B accommodations booking # maps and guide # briefing at your arrival # emergency support # private transfers if needed.

VICENTINA TRAVEL - Alentejo Local Tour Operator (Vila Nova de Milfontes)

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- Other dates on request. (From the 1 to the 13  of June we are sold out.).



- In July and August we don´t sell it once it´s just too hot to cycle and hike this area.

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