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Portuguese Montado Ecosystem– Vicentina Travel

The montado it’s a special ecosystem typical from some Mediterranean areas, specially from Iberian Peninsula’s south, achieving in the south of Portugal it’s biggest and best representation. That’s cork oak’s forests cultivated by man since a long time ago when the importance and potential of these trees where discovered, being nowadays protected by law. Cutting cork trees is forbidden, planting and exploring these trees for commercial propose is incentivised. An area of montado is also characterized by the presence of pine trees, and species who produce high quality milk, meat and honey. Also representative of the montado is a strong animal diversity, a big variety of birds can be spotted being some of them species in danger, such as, the Bonelli Eagle and the black stork. Also in this habitat, some of the last and rare sightings of the Iberian bobcat took place, another protected and rare animal nowadays.

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