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Traditional Farming at Alentejo region

Traditional Farming

The interior of the county has been progressively abandoned by the younger generation migrating to the sea side searching for more interesting opportunities. Inland traditional farming contrasts with the modern agriculture seen by the sea, and it still is the way of living of many local families. Every family has a vegetable plot to grow seasonal crops. Since the coming of electricity, the first thing to buy was a freezer so vegetables such as beans or peas, as well as meat could be stored to last for a whole year. Chickens, ducks, maybe a few sheep or a donkey, and the family pig complete the household. Annually the pig is killed in a big party with family and friends. Everybody has a task and helps and there is a big day of celebration with a lot of food and wine. Meat goes to the freezer and sausages will hang over the hearth to smoke and dry.

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