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Clients Feedback about Fishermen´s Trail from Porto Côvo to St. Vicents Cape with Vicentina Travel

AventurActiva/Vicentina Travel was a great choice for our walking tour along the Rota Vicentina. The tour was carefully planned and easily to navigate between hotels and B&Bs. Ricardo knows the trails very well and his experience showed when his plan included alternative routes for areas he thought special enough for a small detour or the swapping of routes between the Fisherman’s trail and the historic trails to ensure there is plenty of variety. The inclusion of a GPS unit by AA offered constant reassurance we were on the right path on the rare occasion the blue/green markers were not there for a reference.

The accommodations chosen for us were always well appointed, clean, polished and safe. The Monte Novo in Almograve was as pretty as it was friendly (breakfast was a feast). The Amazigh Hostel in Aljezur was the definition of ‘unique’ while being very comfortable. The Celeste in Odeceixe was as charming as the town itself.

There is a lot to see and in Aljezur and Sagres you may want to ask for an extra full day to soak in more of the town’s history and scenery (not to mention just taking a break). Some of the trails are not for the acrophobic, but most of the time alternate paths were available (or just plain create-able) for those not as daring as the Fishermen who carved these old paths.

The views were extraordinary, the charm immeasurable, and the country unforgettable. Thank you Vicentina Travel Team!


Jeffrey R. Fish

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