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About Us

Vicentina Travel is an Aventuractiva Trademark that provides walking and cycling self-guided holidays in the SW Portugal.

Aventuractiva is a specialized incoming tour operator (DMC - Destination Management Company) doing self-guided walking and cycling tours in Portugal Southwest Area based all year round in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

We help people (explorers) supporting their experiences in the South West of Portugal during their Self-guided tours in the Alentejo and Algarve Coastline (Vicentina Coast).


We have several services available, since:

- private transfers from and to the airports or hotels;

- accommodation bookings;

- all the support (maps, descriptions, gps tracks, etc ..);

- High quality bike rentals;

- Emmergency support;

- Logistic as baggage transportation between guesthouses and technical support in the field or by phone.

All these items are a part of our service and granted by our ground force on the field.


We are specialized doing all the backup and certified by Portugal Tourism Governamental entity with the following licenses:

- RNAAT 46/2009 and  RNAVT 4280.


Choose always Certified Travel Agencies to your holidays, ask them for the RNAVT n.º, otherwise they are illegal.

You can check if they are certified typing their name at the item "denominação" on the following link:



Responsible Travel Policy


Policy aims
Our mission is to use active and nature tourism to develop this area, creating value to the community, by creating more employing opportunities and allowing them to participate in our events.

To us this is more than a business, this is the possibility to show local and foreign people that the all potential of our territory and landscape. This area can be one sustainable solution to develop many small businesses related with tourism.

We want to show people that we have really good active tourism products with a unique personalized service.

Economic responsibility

We're in a very rural environment so our business represents a very important alternative regarding local employment opportunities. Most of our leaders were born in the region and others have lived in this region for a long time. They're all part of our community and share the same values and culture.

 We direct our travellers to local accommodation and food  providers. This way our travellers are contributing to the local economy.

Environmental responsibility

Responsible tourism is a core differentiator for our business and the Alentejo region generally.

The unspoilt, natural surroundings are what attract people as a contrast to the intensive, mass tourism of the Algarve. Our leaders take active steps to ensure our groups behave in an environmentally responsible manner such as sticking to established trails, not leaving anything behind or removing any plants whilst doing the activities through the park. We recycle our garbage. environment for the sustainability of both the locality and our livelihood. We work inside the Natural Park, so we have to accomplish the rules from ICN (Institute for the Conservation of Nature) and Turismo de Portugal.

Social responsibility

This trip allows our guests to be in contact with all our traditions and way of living, and allows them to get closer to the reality of rural Portugal. You will not find big hotels here as they're all locally owned. We only work with small groups, starting with a min. of 2 and working  with no more than 23 people at the same time. Tourism has a very important role in this region and contributes to the sustainable development of our community. The human intervention on the environment is very controlled by the ICN – Natural Park. ".

We also have a social conscience providing some events with outdoors activities in a partnership with TAIPA – local association, providing access to this nature activities,  to some students with no financial possibilities.

We support five local Mountain Bike Clubs helping people to get active and this year we also became a part of the Rota Vicentina Association, this is the project responsible for the Historical and Fishermen´s route.





FOR 2023

The client is free to choose a starting date

1.º Season - From 01 February to 09 June


 - Other dates on request;

2.º Season - from 18 SEPT. to 30 NOVEMBER





 - Other dates on request;





- just too hot to cycle and hike in this area.


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